* Ronny - The BEST in the Biz
the band's name
by BIG Bad Bob

Ronny Allard and I started playing together in The Jewels in the mid
sixties. We instantly became friends.  As a classically trained musician,
he brought his GREAT sax playing skills into the mix.  He was truly the
best sax player I ever worked with. He played tenor, soprano, alto saxes,
flute, clarinet and the bagpipes.

When we left The Jewels we both started a group called Free Flowing
Salt, which eventually became JF Murphy & Salt. We had several albums
and he started all of our shows coming down the aisle playing his
bagpipes, followed by a spot light, and up onto the stage where the band
would open with a chord going into our first song The Example. It always
drew a standing "O". The first time was at The Fillmore East where we
opened for Zappa. Ronny left us on July 5th 2011. It's taken me until now
to write this tribute and final goodbye. His fans nicknamed him
SPACEMAN! Ronny's father taught at Juliard, teaching some of the greats
for example Stan Getz. Ronny played jazz, blues, soul and production
rock. He was always in demand for session work. Ronny was a true

He will be missed. RIP RON!

I know there are a lot of people in the New York & Tri-state who will
remember him